A good way to get around Cairns

A good way to get around Cairns

So you want to explore the land down under but you aren’t too excited about doing it using public transport vehicles or joining in a tour. There’s probably good reason why you don’t prefer to do so, but how can you now get around town when you don’t have a ride? Simple, rent one.

If ever you are in Cairns and is in the market for Cairns car hire or car rentals, why not check out All Day Car Rentals for all of your travelling needs. They have a wide selection of cars that will surely cater to your needs, whether you want a simple solution to travelling or you want to travel in style or be a bit more adventurous and explore the terrains of the outback; they’ve got a car for you!

 Will we all fit?

If in any case you’re wondering if they have vehicles that can fit large groups, sure they do! They have a lot of cars for you to choose from, whether you want to choose the more economical small car or go out and travel in style in the luxury sedans, take a road trip with your best mates with a van or explore the outback with jeeps and 4x4s, they have it all so you can all fit in nice and snuggly as well as fit your style of driving or riding.

A good way to get around Cairns

But does it fit the budget too?

Sure it does, since they have a wide range of selections, there are cars for rent that are very budget-friendly and suitable for the backpacking tourist or someone on vacation but is on a strict budget. They have different kinds of cars to suit all your needs without breaking the bank.

Worry free driving

If you’re worried about your rented car breaking down in the middle of your travel, you need not worry when you rent one from All Day Car Rentals since all their vehicles go through regular maintenance and checkups to ensure you that you will have one of the best driving experiences while travelling on your holidays and if in the event that the car does break down, you don’t have to panic since all their cars are insured as well as a customer service hotline that’s open 24/7 for you to contact if ever the need arises. Help and assistance will be coming for you wherever you may be.

Tour at your own pace

The thing about joining tours is that you don’t hold your own schedule and while you still want to stay at a certain place and enjoy it, the tour needs to move along and you are forced to cut your enjoyment short and get back on the bus. When renting a car, you won’t have to deal with this problem; you can go around, tour and enjoy the sights at your own pace. The people at AllDayCarRentals will give you the best tourist spots in Cairns as well as a map so you’d know your way around. Another thing is that renting a car and going to all the tourist sites by yourselves and spend as much time there as you want is a lot cheaper compared to paying for a tour as well as a guide with only limited time to enjoy the sights.

All in all, renting a car while in Cairns gives you a sense of freedom in a place that you know fairly little about. It gives you the sense of adventure that you can travel to unknown destinations while paying for less (compared to a tour), when you rent a car, it comes with unlimited kilometres so you can enjoy going to places without feeling restricted. All you need to do is know the rules and regulations of the road, know your destination and you’re ready to go!

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