Give Your U.S. Dreams A Flight With Your New Esta Visa

Give Your U.S. Dreams A Flight With Your New Esta Visa

It was not nearly as hassle-free as it’s now how we used to plan our trips to the U.S. before 2009 with the only option of visa. But now the ESTA visa has truly revolutionised the way we can jet-set-go our trips to the U.S. now. With one online approval, you can now enjoy your full liberty to gaze at the great Statue of Liberty that adorns your place in thought. Looks like a pure necessity has taken on the semblance of indulgence with the ESTA US  that can kill the far-flung distance between you and your dream destination just with a few clicks overnight.

ESTA has really made it possible that you can now apply for your green take off and have your flight booked within 72 Hrs. next. This online application does not only save you a long line of people who thought there was no better way to fly to the U.S. than having a visa but also takes the Green project of the world a step further by saving a lot of paperwork. In a way, your efforts and money are greatly saved as your ESTA approval reaches you right after you have applied for it online. Let’s see how.

The ESTA visa

Whether it is a business or a pleasure, your ESTA approval is the one-stop access to your itineraries of U.S. ESTA is a purely online process that gives you a flawless entry to its user-friendly interface developed by the United States government to pre-screen travellers with an unsurpassed safety mechanism. It only requires you to put your valid data on the original ESTA US  website from the credit cards and other identity cards against a nominal payment of approximately $14. Remember, you need to be a citizen of a country that supports VWP and you need to plan your travel by air or sea before you can actually apply for your ESTA authorisation.

Give Your U.S. Dreams A Flight With Your New Esta Visa

Your approval is en route

Now that you have followed every nitty gritty of your ESTA application process, nothing can help you more than a tiny wait till your authorisation flashes. Till the time you can use that application ID, which you have retrieved post your application, to check and review your application status. Once you get the permit ready for yourself, you can use it for another couple of years. But remember, you can’t make your stay more than 90 days each time you visit the U.S.

How ESTA works

As long as your passport is valid and you have not finished 2 years already from your date of approval, don’t reapply for your ESTA.  Remember, ESTA is a great security wall against all security trespasses that can pose a serious threat to the U.S. and its travellers. So, be sure to provide your correct information only as an ESTA authorisation collects your demographic data for screening with the U.S. security board that gives you the ultimate entry to your dream destination.

Finally, say goodbye to the ordeal of applying for a visa and start applying for your ESTA US right today. The wait is finally over. It’s time to say yes to your U.S. dreams. Let nothing come in the way of your dreams of flying high.

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